A career in music: exclusive interviews with successful musicians

A successful career in music: that’s the dream shared by many talented young musicians.

We at the Accademia are well aware of this. Since 1994, every year almost 600 students from all over the world come here to study piano, contemporary music for piano, viola, violin, cello, chamber music and orchestra excerpts and are taught by musicians of international renown. They follow courses in advanced music and post-graduate specialisation, perform in concerts and take part in national and international projects .

What helped you never to lose sight of your goals?

Our Accademia is now rightly considered one of the most prestigious and renowned schools of advanced music studies in Italy and one of the principal reasons for this success is the immense generosity with which our teachers dedicate themselves to helping their students grow as musicians. Concert performers of international fame, they all have wide experience as teachers and communicate techniques and skills of the highest level. But they also play another important role. They are often models for their students to follow, teachers of life, able to help students to find their path, to become aware of their abilities, to accept challenges that take them far out of their comfort zone, and to make key choices.
This is why we decided to interview each of them individually to find out how they would answer this question.

The questions we asked our teachers, all musicians of international renown

What were the key experiences that marked their development and training as a musician? What were the turning points in their career and what impact did they have? What did they learn from mistakes they made? What helped them to stay focused and never to lose sight of their goals?

A Career in Music is the title of the new area of our site (continually updated) where we post the interviews we conducted with all our teachers. We decided to ask them all the same five questions and to share their answers with students, thus sharing their unique perspectives on career strategies and on goals to pursue, as well as their practical advice to aspiring musicians on how to find their own purpose and direction while following the path towards a professional career. We hope these interviews will be helpful for students of our advanced music and specialisation courses, another positive contribution to their future as musicians.


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Emanuele Arciuli
Daniela Carapelli
Gabriele Carcano
Massimiliano Damerini
Pietro De Maria
Giovanni Doria Miglietta
Andrea Lucchesini
Benedetto Lupo
Enrico Pace
Roberto Plano
Enrico Stellini
Lukas Hagen
Alessandro Milani
Adrian Pinzaru
Sonig Tchakerian
Simone Briatore
Patrick Demenga
Trio Debussy