Teachers at the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo

The teachers at the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo, our school of advanced music studies and training, are all musicians of the highest calibre, well known on the stages of the international concert circuit, and they are dedicated to training their students to become the future generation of professionals.

Our teachers inspire, advise and guide every student, completing the musical education of each one, helping them to develop their own personality as an artist and encouraging them to meet the challenges of the their future role as professionals. In fact, over the twenty years that the school has been open, we have adopted a comprehensive and conscious strategy, based not on simply increasing the number of courses and students, but rather on creating an educational offer that is a complete learning experience.

  • All instruments
  • Cello
  • Chamber music
  • Clarinet
  • Performance-oriented composition
  • Flute
  • Group lessons - 3rd cycle
  • Oboe
  • Opera singing
  • Orchestra training
  • Piano
  • Piano - contemporary
  • Strings
  • Training for the stage
  • Viola
  • Violin
Teachers of our advanced music courses

For Academic year 2022/23, Accademia teachers of advanced courses are: Pietro De Maria, Enrico Stellini, Enrico Pace, Alexander Romanovsky, Massimiliano Damerini, Gabriele Carcano, Giovanni Doria Miglietta, Daniela Carapelli (advanced music course in piano), Benedetto Lupo, Roberto Plano, Mariangela Vacatello, Filippo Gamba (light course in piano), Giovanni Doria Miglietta, Daniela Carapelli (pre academic in piano); Emanuele Arciuli (contemporary piano); Roberto Prosseda (interactive workshop in piano); Simone Briatore (advanced music course in viola); Lukas Hagen, Lucy Hall, Cecilia Ziano (advanced music course in violin), Cecilia Ziano (pre academic in violin), Sonig Tchakerian (light course in violin); Patrick Demenga, Luca Magariello (advanced music course in cello); Alessandro Milani (training orchestra); Trio Debussy (chamber music); Enrico Maria Baroni, Luca Milani (clarinet); Alberto Barletta, Dante Milozzi (flute); Francesco Pomarico (oboe); Francesco Antonioni, Jonathan Stockhammer (performance-oriented composition).

The  2021/23 courses of Postgraduate Specialist Courses in Music Performance – 3rd cycle  are in progress.

Teachers of our masterclasses, seminars and Golden workshops

Our standard courses are supplemented each year by by masterclasses, seminars and Golden workshops, providing a comprehensive learning programme. These were taught by Maria João Pires, Benedetto Lupo, Andrea Lucchesini, Pavel Gililov, Roberto Plano, Mariangela Vacatello, Angela Hewitt, Ramin Bahrami,  Gianluca Cascioli, Filippo Gamba, Marina Scalafiotti (piano), Luca Ranieri (viola), Lukas Hagen (violin and chamber music), Mario Brunello, Fabio Biondi (cello), Fabio Vacchi (string quartet).

Teachers of our special projects

Our teaching project continues beyond the academic year with Musica d’Estate, a summer camp of advanced music training with masterclasses in piano, violin, cello, chamber music and guitar, taught by internationally renowned musicians . The ideal course for students wishing to extend their knowledge of repertoire and to have the opportunity to perform in public in our programme of 30 concerts.

Since 2017 thanks to a partnership between the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo and the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale of the RAI national broadcasting network in Turin, we have developed the Professione Orchestra project, a programme designed to give students practical training in the skills of an orchestra professional. 

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