Renowned for advanced music training

One of the most prestigious schools of advanced music training in Italy, the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo has been open since 1994 and each year has more than 480 students enrolled  in its many courses and masterclasses: piano, viola, violin, cello, orchestra training and chamber music.

Absolutely new in the field of music education in Italy, the first Scuola di Specializzazione post laurea in Beni Musicali Strumentali (Postgraduate Specialist Courses in Music Performance – 3rd cycle) will begin in the 2019/2020 academic year. The courses, in solo piano, solo contemporary piano, violin, viola, cello and guitar, are recognised by the MIUR (Ministry for Education, Universities and Research).

As well as the many taught courses offering rigorous training for potential professional musicians, the Accademia has its own concert season and biannually holds an international chamber music Competition.

Advanced music training
Shaping the future generation of professional musicians

The Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo can undoubtedly be classified as one of most important and renowned schools of advanced music training in Italy. It has always been our mission to support young music students of exceptional talent and to give them the opportunity to study with the musicians of international prestige and fame who form our teaching staff

With great generosity and dedication our teachers provide our students with the training that will shape them into the future generation of professionals, through courses and masterclasses, as well as postgraduate specialist courses, annual specialization courses, pre-university courses, special Focus courses, Light Courses, top level Master classes, special seminars, Golden workshops and special learning experiences, such as the Musica d’Estate summer camp and the Professione Orchestra training programme for orchestra skills.



Every year more than 430 students from all over the world enroll in our school, following courses in piano, violin, viola, cello, orchestra training  and chamber music.

Concert Season and the Musica d'Estate performance programme

The Accademia’s Concert Season includes performances by musicians of international fame, as well as by upcoming young talents, with programmes ranging from classical repertoire to innovative, contemporary works. The concerts are held from October to May in the Accademia auditorium and also in the Teatro Sociale theatre in Pinerolo. Over the years we have held more than one thousand concerts.


Since 1994, every summer in Bardonecchia, the Accademia has organized a series of concerts called Musica d’Estate. The performers are drawn from the 170 talented music students from the academy who attend our summer camp to follow courses or masterclasses. Each year this concert programme attracts more 7,000 music lovers.

The International Competition
International Chamber Music Competition

Inaugurated in 1994, the International Chamber Music Competition of Pinerolo and the Metropolitan City of Turin is a member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions in Geneva.


A source of great pride for our school, the Competition is known for the high level of the performers who take part (competing for prizes amounting to 23,000 euros) and for the renowned musicians forming the jury, who judge ensembles coming from all around the world.

Special Projects
Advanced Music Experiences

The Special Projects are designed to complete our teaching offer, so alongside our  courses and masterclasses for advanced music training, we also provide international experiences rich in learning opportunities: the Musica d’Estate summer camp, with internationally renowned teachers and the opportunity to perform in public concerts; the on-the-job orchestra  training programme, Professione Orchestra, the result of a partnership with the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale of the RAI national TV network; the collaboration with the Istituto Civico Corelli music school in Pinerolo; the activities of the Orchestra Accademia which give students the practical experience of playing together.

Music in the community
Multimedia Centre and library, choir, concert/lessons

Important donations of instruments, books, scores and other teaching materials have over the years enriched the contents of the Accademia’s library and multimedia centre. The Centre is intended to make specialist materials available to the music schools and societies active in the area, thus providing a rich store of resources freely available for local teachers to use. The Accademia actively promotes music education for the Pinerolo area through a number of initiatives: from concert/lessons in schools, to a Choir formed by the subscribers to the concert seasons, to the “Guide to the Music” lectures held before the concerts performed in the Accademia.

Courses and masterclasses
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