Day after day we concentrate all our efforts on developing the talents of our students, who are destined to become the future generation of professionals. We offer courses and masterclasses in advanced music studies for piano, contemporary music for piano, viola, violin, cello, chamber music and orchestra training, all taught by musicians of international fame. At the Accademiawe work with each student individually to create a personal curriculum and learning pathway, which combines individual teaching with public performance opportunities. Students are also involved in our Special Projects, which are of national and international prestige, and, where possible, are supported by special financial arrangements and scholarships.


Each year around 500 young people take part in the activities of our school, attending our masterclasses, courses and summer camp. So we are proud to present, one by one, all of the more than 160 students enrolled at Accademia for our advanced music courses for the year 2020/21.


We are proud to be working with them, using our efforts in the present to create their careers in the future.

All instruments
  • All instruments
  • Cello
  • Chamber music
  • Performance-oriented composition
  • Group lessons - 3rd cycle
  • Orchestra training
  • Piano
  • Piano - contemporary
  • Viola
  • Violin
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