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Use of cookies (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) uses Cookies to render its services simpler and more efficient for users (you, the user) visiting the pages of the site.

When you, the user, visit the Website, you will have minimal amounts of information collected on your computer or device in small data files called cookies stored in the directories used by your browser.

Refusing cookies may, in some cases, prevent our services from functioning correctly and you may not be able to view some pages completely.

There are various kinds of cookies: some may be used to enhance your experience on the Website, others to activate certain functions.

In detail, our cookies enable you to:

– memorise preferences you have entered

– avoid entering the same information multiple times while visiting the Website, as, for example, user name and password

– to analyse your use of the services and contents provided by in order to optimise your browsing and access to services on the Website.



Types of Cookies used by

The various kinds of cookies used by and their functions are listed below:

Technical Cookies

Technical Cookies are essential for the correct functioning of some parts of the Website. There are two types: persistent and session:

persistent: these cookies are not erased when the browser is closed; they are erased only at the end of the duration period pre-set within the persistent cookie’s file.

session: these are erased when the browser is closed

These cookies, which are always sent from our domain, are necessary to view the Website correctly and to use the technical services we offer. They will always be used and sent, unless the user changes the settings on their browser (thus impeding their viewing of the Website pages).



Analytical Cookies

Analytical Cookies are used to gather information about user activity on the Website. will use this information for anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the user’s experience of the Website and make the contents more interesting and relevant to the user. This type of cookie gathers anonymous data on the user’s activities and on the way he/she arrived at the Website. Analytical cookies are sent from our Website or from third-party domains.



Third-party service analysis cookies

Third-party cookies are used to gather anonymous information about how users use the Website: which pages they visit, how long they spend on the Website, traffic source information, geographic origin, age, gender and interests; they are collected for marketing campaigns. These cookies are sent from third-party domains external to the Website, in our case from Google Analytics.

Cookies to incorporate third-party software products and features.

This type of cookie incorporates features developed by third parties within the Website pages, such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks, in order to share site content or use third-party software services (such as software for generating maps and supplementary softwares that provide additional services). These cookies are sent by third party domains and partner sites that offer their functionalities on the pages of the Website.



Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are used to create user profiles based on personal choices and preferences expressed by the users within the pages of the Website, in order to send advertisements in line with the profile created.

Our Website does not use profiling cookies.

Under current law, is under no obligation to ask for user’s consent to the use of technical cookies, as they are necessary for providing requested services.

For all other types of cookies consent/non-consent may be expressed by the User in one or more of the following ways:

–by using specific browser configurations or related computer programs to browse the pages of the Website

– by modifying settings in the use of third-party services

Both of these solutions may impede the user in using or viewing parts of the Website


Websites and third-party services

The Website may contain links to other websites which have their own privacy policy. These policies may be different from the one adopted by which cannot therefore be held responsible for these sites.



Cookies used by

Contact Form: the user consents to the use of the personal data entered in the contact form to enable the Website to respond to requests for quotation of prices, for information, or for requests of any other kind (indicated in the heading of the form).

Data collected: Name, Surname, e-mail, occupation, personal website, Facebook or Twitter contact.

“Like” button and third-party services of Facebook, Inc.: the Facebook “Like” button and services are necessary for interacting with the social network Facebook and are provided by Facebook, Inc.

Data collected: Cookies and date of use.

“Tweet” button and third-party services of Twitter, Inc.: the Twitter “Tweet” button and relative services are necessary for interacting with the social network Twitter and are provided by Twitter, Inc.

Data collected: Cookies and date of use.

“Google+” button and third-party services of Google, Inc.: the “+1″ button and services relative to Google+ are necessary for interacting with the social network Google Plus and are provided by Google, Inc.

Data collected: Cookies and date of use.

Youtube and third-party services of Google Inc.: Youtube is a social network dedicated to viewing video contents, which is controlled by Google Inc. and allows other websites to incorporate its contents into their own site pages.

Data collected: Cookies and date of use.

Vimeo of Vimeo, LLC: Vimeo is a social network dedicated to viewing video contents, which is controlled by Vimeo, LLC and allows other websites to incorporate its contents into their own site pages.

Data collected: Cookies and date of use.

Analysis of website visits by Google Analytics and third-party services of Google Inc.: visits to this website and actions of visitors are analysed using the Google Analytics service controlled by Google, Inc.

Data collected: Cookies and date of use.



How to disable cookies using browser settings

If you wish to restrict, block or delete cookies you can do so by changing your website browser settings to reject cookies. The way you do this will vary slightly depending on the browser you use. For detailed instructions, click on the link on your browser.

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Safari iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

If your browser is not among those listed above, select the “Help” function on your web browser for information on how to proceed.



NB: some sections of our Websites are accessible only if cookies are enabled; disabling cookies may mean that the user will not be able to access certain contents and cannot fully appreciate the features of our websites.


To find out more about managing cookies on the browser of mobile devices, consult the dedicated user manual.


For further information about our use of cookies, contact us directly at this e-mail address:


By using this Website without blocking cookies or similar online technologies the User consents to the use of said technologies by us to collect and process information.

This page is visible through a link at the bottom of all the Website pages in compliance with art. 122 subsection 2 of Italian law 196/2003 and in accordance with the rules for simplified means of providing information about and obtaining consent to the use of cookies published in the Official Gazette no.126 of 3 June 2014 and the relative registration of regulations no.229 of 8 May 2014.