The Accademia di Musica has always tried to nurture the talent of its students not only by offering excellent teaching with didactic programmes centred around the student, but also by creating a warm, friendly environment that is stimulating and engaging, where the student is followed with great attention and consideration. The artistic ability, the talent and the enthusiasm of the Accademia’s students have found their natural expression in the formation of this orchestra.

The young musicians taking part in the orchestra project are united in their intentions: to strive for excellence in preparing the programmes, to create a group of the highest quality, to develop the talent of each individual member in order to form an ensemble of great artistic value. The orchestral work is complementary to the entire course of study, which, naturally, involves the analysis and perfecting of the soloist’s repertoire. What the orchestra provides is the exchange and the educational experience of playing as part of a group.

Most members of the Orchestra (students and ex-students) are already members of important established orchestras, chamber music ensembles and orchestra ensembles (Orchestra of La Scala of Milan, Orchestra of Padova and Veneto, RAI Orchestra, to mention only a few) and they certainly find good opportunities for work, for experience, for artistic development in their contact with diverse and prestigious orchestras. But the Accademia Orchestra possesses an added value: members have a real sense of belonging and therefore take part in the work with enthusiasm, deeper involvement and great dedication.

The Orchestra has performed concerts that have been acclaimed by audiences and critics, and can boast collaboration with distinguished guest soloists, like Riccardo Donati, Giampaolo Pretto, Simone Rubino and Uto Ughi.


  • Le Strade dei Forti | 9 July 2023, Fenestrelle | Vivaldi with Orchestra in a mountain church | Francesco Manara, violino solista e direttore (primo violino solista del Teatro alla Scala) INFO >>
  • Concert Season 2022/23 Accademia di Musica | 8 May 2023 | Le otto stagioni tra natura e tango | Francesco Manara, violino solista e direttore (primo violino solista del Teatro alla Scala) | Alessandro Milani, preparatore dell’orchestra (primo violino solista dell’Orchestra sinfonica della RAI). INFO >>
  • Concert Season 2022/23 Unione Musicale | 7 May 2023 | Le otto stagioni tra natura e tango | Francesco Manara, violino solista e direttore (primo violino solista del Teatro alla Scala) | Alessandro Milani, preparatore dell’orchestra (primo violino solista dell’Orchestra sinfonica della RAI). INFO >>


“I found that the students of Accademia di” Pinerolo have the professional attitudes and the focus of musicians in any high quality orchestra. This, combined with the freshness of their approach and their youthful enthusiasm, means that this wonderful group of human beings and artists have the potential for limitless growth”. The comment is from Francesco Manara, first violin of La Scala in Milan, and first violin and conductor of this orchestra for several concerts.

“It has given me great satisfaction and a sense of personal achievement to see these young musicians, most of whom study with me, work with such dedication and professionality,” says Alessandro Milani, first violin soloist with the RAI National Symphonic Orchestra, who teaches at the’Accademia di Musica, and has trained this ensemble.


“Playing for the Accademia has been a great opportunity for me and an important learning experience, under the guidance of excellent Maestros. It made me feel that I was really experiencing the true meaning of the music.” Alessandra Maglie

“To have the opportunity to play this wonderful repertoire, and to be taught by great musicians like Maestro Alessandro Milani and Francesco Manara, was an absolutely unique experience that helped us grow, both artistically and personally.” Laura Li Vigni

“It is always exhilarating to share an experience with others. But when you are able to share your greatest passion with other young people who love music as much as you do, that’s something completely different! Playing with the students of the Accademia di Pinerolo was a life-changing opportunity for me: not only because of the high artistic values of the project, but also because of the affection and feeling of friendship that grew between us as we played together and that I am sure will still connect us in the future!” Francesca Azzollini

We worked intensely for a week with excellent Maestros, an experience that created a close bond between the group: our diverse musical experiences and different personalities were woven together into a wonderful tapestry of music and friendship!” Cristiana Franco

“What I found immediately in this orchestra was immense enthusiasm and a spirit of positivity. The skilled playing of my colleagues and their passion for music contribuited to making this experience enjoyable and entertaining, as well as being a unique training opportunity.” Alessandro Defonte

“This was an unforgettable experience that taught me so much, especially because I had the privilege to learn from teachers of the calibre of Alessandro Milani and Francesco Manara. It was also a great pleasure to perform such a beautiful repertoire with other young people (all playing at a very high level), with whom I could share my thoughts, as we laughed and joked together. I will treasure the memory forever!” Noemi Macilenti

“Playing with the Accademia orchestra was not just a wonderful experience of musical training, but, above all, it enriched me as a person. These days filled with practice sessions, as well as shared moments of free time, created an excellent group of musicians, who swiftly became good friends, all sharing the joy of playing together at a high artistic level.” Francesco Melis




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