Rosario Raffa

Rosario Raffa born in Messina in 1991, has its first approach to music at the age of 11, when, by chance, he enrolled in the first grade of secondary school in the experimental section of music. He started to study violin at the age of 13 years in the Conservatory ” A. Corelli ” of Messina with the M ° F. Solombrino first, and after with the Maestro Antero Arena with which anticipates a year of Conservatory and in the year 2014 he obtained a degree in violin .

From 2011 to 2014 he has lessons with Maestro Fracesco Toro and in 2011 took part in the master classes held by M ° F. Mezzena in Forza d’Agro (Me). In 2013 participates , as a regular student , in the Masterclass held by Maestro Héloise Geoghegan within the 3th International Masterclasses of  Narni (Terni) , performing as a violin II, with the string orchestra, under the guidance of director Nikolas Naegele. In 2014 he became a student of Maestro Giulio Plotino, which follows also his masterclasses held in different parts of Italy : Bogliasco (Ge) , San Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno) , Palermo , Pontremoli. In February of 2015 he entered in the Conservatory “G. Ghedini” of Cuneo to do the two-years of second level of “Violin School” in the class of Maestro Julius Plotino. In July of 2015, within the 14th Festival Paganiniano of Carro (SP), he has a masterclass with the Maestro Francesco Manara. In October 2015 he has a scholarschip of the “Open Source” project at the Academy of Music in Pinerolo, where he is currently attending the course with Maestro Dora Schwarzberg and Maestro Adrian Pinzaru. In July 2016 he obtained a scholarship for the academic year 2016/2017 of €500 at the Academy of Music in Pinerolo. The 10/07/2016 is suitable coming 3rd National Orchestra of the Italian Conservatory. In the 2017 he still play in the orchestra “Erasmus+Indire” and “ONCI”. During the 2017 he took part in the masterclass held by Johanna Verheijen in Monte San Savino. In the summer of 2018 and 2019 he took part in the “International Music Festival of Casalmaggiore” in the class of Lucia Hall and after he became a student of her in the “Academy of Music in Pinerolo” in wich he still study with her.  During the August 2019 he took part in Sicilì at the masterclass of Francesco Mezzena in wich played as a violinist in a four violin quartet.  On 2 October 2020 he took part at the chamber music master held by Maestro Maurizio Cadossi. In 2022 from 8 to 21 August he took part in the Festival and the Masterclass of “Musictage Am Rhein” in Germany where he performs in a chamber music group under the masterclass of M ° Lucia Hall, who continues to follow her today. In 2014 he was awarded first prizes and absolute first prizes in several national and international competitions including: the absolute First Prize at the 7th International Music Competition ” G. Ierna ” Floridia, first prize at the 3rd International Competition ” L. Stefano d’ Agata ” Acireale, first prize at the 16th National Competition ” Placido Mandanici “Barcelona di Gotto…  The hiring in the summer of 2011 by the Association ” Arturo Toscanini “, led him to perform as violin II in the Teatro Antico of Taormina and Giardini Naxos in various operas: Tosca, Norma, Traviata … with Maestro Alberto Veronesi. He also played the role of: Concertmaster of second violins for concerts organized by the Blue Note in 2013; Violin I and Violin II in concerts of E.R.S.U. in the 2012, 2013 and 2014; concertino of second violins in the Coop shows. Soc. Onlus Scirin of 2012.


In 2022 he began a collaboration with the Bordighiera Symphony Orchestra and the B. Bruni Orchestra of Cuneo.

Since 2017 till now he teaches violin at middle school and  in the 2019 he’s also a  teacher in the “Hight private academy” (APM) of Saluzzo.

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