Professione Orchestra: students describe their hands-on training experience

Many young musicians under 30 dream of playing in an orchestra and the practical “on-the-job” training of the Professione Orchestra project offers them a valuable opportunity to learn about the reality of this profession. The course consists of classroom lessons (both in instrument, with the section leaders of the RAI Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale, and in chamber music, with the teachers of international renown on the staff of our Accademia), as well as giving the students the experience of taking part in rehearsals for the programmes of the RAI concert season, playing alongside the members of the RAI orchestra.

 40% of students who have attended Professione Orchestra in past years have already obtained excellent results in competitions for places in orchestras in Italy and abroad, while 20% are now working permanently with prestigious orchestras: this is clear proof that our teaching approach is effective. Three key features of this approach are the direct one-on-one guidance from the teacher, enabling the student to improve their instrument skills; practical training in preparing for a professional  audition; and the rehearsals with the orchestra, which teach the students the professional discipline and behaviour required of an orchestra member and the different approaches to adopt in the endlessly varied situations (involving music technique and expressivity) arising from each programme of music.

What do our students think? Below you will find comments from students who have taken part in the Professione Orchestra project in past years.


Professione Orchestra, il percorso formativo professionalizzante dedicato ai futuri professori d’orchestra



"The Professione Orchestra course was like walking into an artisan’s workshop and, step by step, learning about the day-to-day work of the members of an orchestra. It was a very rewarding experience: I found myself in an intensely stimulating environment where I learnt an effective approach to studying my instrument".
Francesco Di Gioia

"Professione Orchestra was truly an experience that will remain in my heart forever. I was studying with great musicians and playing beside them in rehearsals: absolutely unique opportunities. The course filled me with energy and inspiration and has stimulated me to study harder to realize my dreams as a musician. I hope this project will continue in the future to give other young people like me the opportunity to learn this profession, alongside some of the best musicians in Italy and in Europe".
Giovanni Giardinella 


Professione Orchestra, il percorso formativo professionalizzante dedicato ai futuri professori d’orchestra


"The Professione Orchestra course was an excellent opportunity to learn more about music and to grow, in an incredibly stimulating environment! Apart from the practical lessons, I found that the fundamental element was the one-on-one dialogue with the orchestra member who worked with us during that week: I was able to ask them a thousand questions and was given a thousand answers, each one more interesting than the one before.".
Erika Patrucco

"The Professione Orchestra course was an invaluable, exciting experience and, above all, a learning opportunity. I had the chance to play wonderful concert programmes with the RAI Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale, performing alongside brilliant musicians, directed by eminent conductors: electrifying experiences that make you grow as a musician. And then there were the chamber music lessons with Lukas Hagen and Andrea Lucchesini, which helped me to develop and refine my interpretation and empathetic listening. And it’s certainly not everyday that you find yourself sharing a stage with soloists like Martha Argerich!"
Dario Triscari

"For me the Professione Orchestra course was an excellent opportunity to enter the world of the RAI Symphony Orchestra and to create a network of useful contacts with the musicians there. It also gave me the chance to really work on the orchestra excerpts and to have the challenging experience of the end-of-course audition simulation, where I played before a distinguished panel of judges. I really hope to be able to take part in the project again".
Federica Severini 


"The Professione Orchestra course combines learning about the profession of an orchestra member with top level chamber music lessons: the aim is to give young musicians a wide ranging and complete vision of the work involved in playing music together. The course is well structured and is definitely a valuable aid to the training of young instrumentalists who are starting out on a career in the world of music".
Alessandro Guaitolini 


Professione Orchestra, il percorso formativo professionalizzante dedicato ai futuri professori d’orchestra


"Professione Orchestra: this name is not adequate to describe this experience. Because, apart from lessons with the section leaders and chamber music lessons, the course gives you the opportunity to really live the life of a member of an orchestra. Playing in the rehearsals of the RAI National Orchestra gives you so much: a sense of responsibility, music training, incredible stimulation and intense feelings of satisfaction and achievement".
Salvatore Di Meo

"The Professione Orchestra course was an opportunity to have real contact with one of the most prestigious working environments for a professional musician (the RAI orchestra), but in an atmosphere that was welcoming, cooperative and stimulating. The training in performance (thanks to the great help from external specialists) was the core theme throughout the course and everything that we studied, giving us the skills that are absolutely crucial for all musicians when, in any audition or competition, we have to present ourselves at our best in just a few minutes!"
Roberta Nobile

"I have great memories of this learning experience. A well organized masterclass that brought me into contact with the exceptional musicians and orchestra professionals of the RAI OSN. I found the daily lessons stimulated my interest in studying and concentrating on specific aspects of music. At the end of the course we were all given the opportunity to play in an audtion simulation: this meant we were able to put into practice all the work we had done during the lessons and to perform in front of a panel of top professionals".
Giulia Zoppelli

    professione orchestra musica da camera con Lucchesini    

"This was an amazing experience because we were able to study in depth the pieces specifically requested in auditions, including orchestra excerpts and solo concertos. All this under the guidance of musicians of the highest calibre, the members of the RAI Orchestra. It was certainly an honour and also an incredible opportunity to work with teachers of this level. We also attended (in small groups) lessons in the Alexander technique. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to find out what it really means to work in an orchestra!"
Chiara Cevales

"This was one of the best experiences in music training that I have ever had. I had the opportunity to work with two maestros, who are not only brilliant musicians and orchestra professionals but also two wonderful human beings: Maestros Zoli and Romano. I owe them so many thanks for all that they taught me. For me the Professione Orchestra course was an excellent opportunity to grow as a musician, perfect in fact for anyone who wants to play in an orchestra in the future. The best moment was performing on stage in the A. Toscanini Auditorium".
Luca Bennardo


masterclass di musica da camera di Lukas Hagen

"Being involved in the rehearsals of the OSN orchestra is a high quality professional experience, as it enables the scholarship holders to acquire practical know-how “on-the-job” and play side by side with orchestra professionals. The course also gave me the opportunity to get to know and to study with exceptional musicians like the section leaders of the Orchestra, from whom I learnt so much. I believe that the Professione Orchestra course is a vital learning opportunity for anyone aiming to make orchestra music their career and I sincerely hope that the course will be held again when the Covid-19 emergency is over".
Alessandro Defonte

"I have taken part in the annual Professione Orchestra project several times, and every year I have seen that the experience enabled me to mature as a person and musician. I never managed to win a scholarship, but this does not mean that I didn’t gain something and I always came away with more musical knowledge than I had before".
Giulio Rappa


"Professione Orchestra is an extremely interesting project. For me this experience was very positive because I was able to get to know great professional musicians whom I had always regarded as leaders in their field. I got the benefit of their invaluable advice, as well as taking part in the orchestra rehearsals. It was a unique and exciting experience!"
Alessandro Crescimbeni
"An amazing experience, to work side by side with maestros like Zoli and Romano. Thanks to their teaching I improved my playing style, as well as the way I approach an audition/competition. I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to embark on this career".
Benedetto Raimondi
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