Professione Orchestra 2021/22 and the regulations

5th year of the Professione Orchestra, the programme designed  to train young musicians to work as professional members of an orchestra, developed through a partnership between the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale of the RAI national broadcasting network and the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo.


The course offers young musicians under 30 the opportunity to have an authentic training on-the-job experience with the leaders from one of the most important European orchestras, as well as the possibility to experience an audition for an orchestra, and the privilege to perform in prestigious venues.


The deadline for applications is 9th September 2021, more info on regulations related to COVID-19 (with the “GARANZIA COVID-19”). If on 13/9/2021 the restrictions put in place by national and regional governments to contain the Covid-19 pandemic make it impossible for the Accademia to hold the Professione Orchestra as normal, application fees will be refunded.


The project is supported by the contribution of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (Main sponsor).





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