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Light course
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A Light course in clarinet taught by Enrico Maria Baroni and Luca Milani is a short course scheduled during the academic year and it consists of 8 lessons of 1 hour divided into 4 teaching sessions distributed over the year between October/November and May/June. Dates of lessons for the Academic Year will be published in October.


The annual study plan includes in-depth study of the repertoire for clarinet. Where requested, the teacher will work with the student on an agreed study programme with a view to preparing for competitions and auditions. 


At the end of the Academic Year, a final concert is foreseen.


The course is dedicated to clarinetists, both graduates and not. Age limit: to apply for admission candidates must be no older than 30.


Facilities for those who attend the workshop of Professione Orchestra:

  • direct entrance to the Light course without making the admission exam;
  • priority in the selection of the students who participate in the concerts of the Accademia Chamber Orchestra;
  • discount on the tuition fee.

Applying for admission

Applications for the Academic Year 2024/25 must reach our offices by 26 September 2024. With the same requirements, the date of submission of the application is considered for choosing the students. Any applications sent after the deadline will be evaluated by the Directors of Studies.

Entrance exam

The admission exams will take place in presence on October 2024. The entrance exam will consist of the performance of a programme that includes:
W. A. Mozart, Concert for clarinet and orchestra K622, 1 e 2 movement

Course fees

Enrolment fee (annual)*:
€ 100 

Tuition fees (annual)*:
€ 1.000 



The enrolment fee must be paid annually. It is non-refundable. The receipt proving that payment has been effected must be attached to your application to enrol. In case a student wants to attend more than one advanced course, the enrolment fee is to be paid only once in a year.
The tuition fee annual attendance fee is to be paid only after passing the entrance exam, according to the instructions that will be sent by the secretary’s office.The tuition fee can be paid in installments (details about this will be given from the administrative office at the beginning of the Academic Year)

Payments of enrolment and tuition fees must be made by bank transfer on the following bank account details:

BANK: Intesa San Paolo

ACCOUNT HELD TO: Fondazione Accademia di Musica ETS

IBAN: IT71X0306909606100000101696


ADRESS: Piazza Paolo Ferrari, 10 – 10121 Milano

Student opportunities and the regulations

Once you have become a student of our Accademia a range of opportunities are open to you: special arrangements for accommodations and meals; a dedicated web page; free admission to all concerts; study rooms; to attend any other lessons where auditors are allowed; the opportunity to perform in public at concerts staged by the school or by our partner associations and to join the Accademia Chamber Orchestra; free use of the concert hall to make recordings.

See the REGULATION for more information.
Sign it for acceptance and attach it to your application form.

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