Musica d’Estate summer camp: the dates and the guarantee

Musica d’Estate 2022 will be held in Bardonecchia (To) from 15 to 30 July 2022.  In compliance with new government regulations to combat the spread of Covid-19, we made it!


There follows an account of the main updates:

  • The dates of masterclasses have been confirmed.
  • See the “COVID-19” GUARANTEE: If on 30/6/2022 the restrictions put in place by national and regional governments to contain the Covid 19 pandemic make it impossible for the Accademia to hold the masterclasses of the Musica d’Estate summer camp as normal, application fees will be refunded.
  • The Musica d’Estate summer camp experience: in the words of our students.
  • Applications must reach our offices by 12 June 2022. Please apply to enrol in the course as soon as possible using the forms you will find at the end of each page/course. This will allow us to have a precise idea of the number of participants and thus to organise the measures required to protect their health.


masterclass concerti estate bardonecchia


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