Individual music lessons online: enjoying the audio quality

We are preparing to resume in-school lessons on 8 June while observing all the necessary public health regulations. Nothing can replace the personal rapport between teacher and student, but if the restrictions put in place by national and regional governments to contain the Covid 19 pandemic make it impossible for the Accademia to hold the one-year advanced music courses and lessons as normal, the academic year 2020/21 will be held online with an innovative platform, enjoying a much higher sound quality than common videoconference platforms.


Why we use mfClassrooms instead of other platforms? The main reason is the audio quality (stereo, 384 Kbit/s, 0-20.000 Hz), so important for classical music lessons. All the main platforms available today have, instead, an audio quality designed for speech, and this creates many problems in the transmission of sound, with dynamic compression making it impossible for the sound quality required for professional music lessons.

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