From Onlus to Foundation: a new phase

From ONLUS to Foundation: a new phase of cultural commitment and sustainability.

The Accademia di Musica is delighted to announce a historic moment in its development: the transformation from ONLUS to foundation ETS (third sector body). This important step forward is the outcome of the journey of constant growth that we embarked on 30 years ago. Today, the Accademia is regarded as one of the most prestigious schools of advanced music training, thanks to our high-profile teaching offer aimed at providing young musicians with professional skills. Every year our program of courses involves more than 50 internationally renowned musicians teaching 600 students. The courses are supplemented by a rich and varied concert season.

We are not changing our mission, our spirit, nor our connection with the local community. We have an ever increasing desire to create new initiatives, and to improve and expand opportunities for young people to study music, while always maintaining the approach that has characterized us from the very beginning: to design and develop teaching programs based strictly on the needs and the talents of young musicians,” states President Andrea Bairati. “The Fondazione will be based solidly on our prestigious history and years of untiring work. Our ambition is to continue to play a leading role in the field of advanced music studies in Italy and to extend our network of relations within Europe and beyond. The members have unanimously approved this transformation, while stressing the continuation of our strong ties to Pinerolo and its surrounding area, ties which we aim to further expand and strengthen.

As an expression of excellence in music at an international level, the Accademia has always been a point of pride for the City of Pinerolo, and their progress to foundation is a further proof of a renewal of their commitment to the training of talented musicians and to the promotion of music, even beyond the city limits of Pinerolo. The City of Pinerolo has renewed its own commitment, confirming Mario Manduca in his role as council representative for the Accademia, and will continue to support the activities of the Fondazione. This we will do by making the premises in Via Giolitti available, and by providing annual funding to support the ordinary activities of the school, as well as specific financial support for the ICM competition,” says Franco Milanesi, Councillor for Culture for the City of Pinerolo.

This important step forward marks a new phase of growth for the Accademia and a renewal of our commitment to promoting artistic and cultural excellence in the field of advanced music training. The Accademia intends to work constantly to expand our horizons internationally and to make a valid cultural contribution to the city of Pinerolo, while also contributing to the rich heritage of classical music: we will thus maintain the approach that has distinguished the school since it was first founded.

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