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The masterclass ‘The Italian singing school: from technique to interpretation’ held by Marcelo Àlvarez (singing), Laura Cosso (training for the stage) and Giulio Laguzzi (accompanying pianist) is aimed at perfecting the technical and interpretative aspects of the opera repertoire, through lessons and activities aimed at touching on all aspects of the singer-actor.

The masterclass takes place on 22, 23, 24, 25 May 2024 at the Accademia di Musica from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. The masterclass consists of 4 days with a daily study commitment. Each participant will has:

    • a daily lesson with Marcelo Àlvarez (singing), with accompanying pianist Giulio Laguzzi;
    • four lessons in small groups with Laura Cosso (training for the stage).

Any additional lessons must be agreed upon by the Artistic Director of the Accademia, who will evaluate the request for lessons in consultation with the course teacher.

All active masterclass students will perform at the concert at the Accademia di Musica.


The masterclass is open to opera singers aged 18 to 35.

Applying for admission

Applications for the masterclass must reach our offices by 21 April 2024. How to apply: please, fill the form at the end of this page. IT’S NECESSARY TO FILL EVERY FIELD.

Entrance exam

The admission for the masterclass takes place by a video (free program, 10 minute) to be sent together with the application form. The link to the video (Wetransfer, Youtube, Vimeo) must be written in the field of Eligibility Requirements.

Course fees



– TUITION FEE : € 450 


Attendance fee (per day): € 30,00

Payment of the enrolment fee must be made when you send your application to attend the Masterclass, by means of a bank draft or postal order made payable to ‘Accademia di Musica’, or by bank transfer to the account c/c IBAN IT71X0306909606100000101696 BIC (SWIFT) BCITITMM

If the applicant is NOT admitted to Masterclass the enrolment fee will be refunded. If the application is successful but the student withdraws from the Masterclass, there will be NO refund of the enrolment fee.

A final certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants.


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