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> September 2020
Professione Orchestra,  the programme designed to train young musicians to work as professional members of an orchestra, developed through a partnership between the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale of the RAI and the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo


> 15 September 2020
2020/21 one-year Light Courses in piano and Violin, Viola, Cello Courses.


> 21 September 2020
2020/21 one-year Advanced Music courses in contemporary piano, orchestra training, chamber music (See COVID-19 DISCOUNT on annual tuition fee).





> 15 September 2020
Video for 2020/21 one-year Advanced Music courses in violin, viola, cello.




> 14 JANUARY 2021
The next biennial International Chamber Music Competition “Pinerolo e Torino città metropolitana” will be held from 7 to 13 March 2022 (Applications by 14/01/2022).



Let’s take a look at the entire range of teaching activities available at the Accademia. Recognised as one of the most prestigious schools of advanced music training in Italy, every year the Accademia has an enrolment of almost 500 students from all over the world, attending courses aimed specifically at training music professionals and taught by internationally famous musicians.


> Postgraduate Specialist Courses in Music Performance UNIQUE IN ITALY. Two-year courses in piano, contemporary piano, violin, viola, cello and guitar, which are recognised by the MIUR – Ministry for Education, Universities and Research. These courses are open to a limited, select number of musicians, who receive highly specialised support in their professional careers, as part of the Pro Carriera project. The 30 teachers, renowned as some of the greatest solists and teachers in the world, include musicians of the calibre of Pavel Gililov, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Fabio Biondi and Mischa Maisky.

> Advanced Music Courses and Light Courses Taught by 23 musicians of international fame, including Enrico Pace, Benedetto Lupo, Lukas Hagen, Simone Briatore and Marianne Chen, each year these courses enable approx.170 musicians to extend and deepen their knowledge of repertoire, so essential for any performer embarking on a professional career.

> Pre-academic Courses Training in music technique and study of repertoire in preparation for Conservatory exams for Certificates A, B and C.

> Musica d’Estate Summer Camp Every summer around 180 students attend our residential masterclasses in piano, violin, cello, guitar and chamber music, taught by musicians of international renown, including Benedetto Lupo, Roberto Plano, Enrico Pace, Marianne Chen and Sonig Tchakerian.

> Professione Orchestra A programme designed to prepare young musicians to work as professional members of an orchestra, developed through a partnership between the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale of the RAI national broadcasting network. Open to musicians under 30, it provides practical, on-the-job training in orchestra skills and has involved almost 300 young people in the 3 years it has been in operation.

> Masterclasses and Workshops These provide our students with opportunities for advanced music training and for international learning experiences, with teaching programmes and curricula that bring advanced students into direct contact with concert performers famous on the world stage.


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