Rebecca Scuderi

Rebecca Scuderi was born in Turin on July 31st, 1998. She approached music at 4 years old and then started studying violin at the age of 6, under the supervision of prof. Alessia Bortolan.
From 2012 to 2017, she attended the Liceo Musicale Cavour in Turin focusing on viola under the guidance of prof. Gerardo Vitale. In 2012, during her first school year, she received the “Special Award” from the Associazione Musica Insieme of Grugliasco, Turin.
From 2013 to 2017, she collaborates with the Orchestra Pequenas Huellas. Within this period, in 2014, she joins the Orchestra Giovanie ed Infantile Italiana founded by prof. Abreu. Later, in 2016, she joined the Orchestra Giuseppe Sinopoli. Finally, in 2017, the Orchestra Classica del Monferrato as well.
In 2018, she was a player in the Mito Orchestra for the two following years where, from 2021 to 2022, she held the viola sideman position.
Since 2019, she has been an effective violist student in the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana and collaborates with the Orchestra of the Milan Conservatory as a violinist and violist as well. Additionally, in the same year, she was a violinist and violist in the recording of the album 17:03 by Senso Unico.
She won various prestigious scholarships and she had the prestige to work with Daniele Gatti, Daniele Rustioni, Arturo Marquèz, Roberto Abbado, Pietro Mianiti, Kolja Blacher, Simone Bernardini, Luciano Acocella, and Jérémie Rhorer.
In 2022, she has been considered eligible at the Accademia della Scala in Milan. She holds a Level I Violin Degree (107/110) and a Viola one (110/110).
Currently, she is enrolled at the Conservatory of Turin in the Biennium of Violin under the supervision of prof. Piergiorgio Rosso and, at the same institute, in the Biennium of Viola with prof. Giovanni Petrella.

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