David Alecsandru Irimescu

David Irimescu, of Romanian origins, was born in Italy in 1999 and soon turned out to be an extraordinary talent. Student at the “G. Verdi ”of Turin since 2013, he has recently come to the attention of critics and public as the absolute winner of the 2018 edition of Amadeus Factory, the only talent-competition in Italy dedicated to classical music and produced by Sky TV in collaboration with the magazine Amadeus. Thanks to this award, David Irimescu will be touring promoted by “Gioventù Musicale Italiana” and will be the protagonist of a cover cd for Amadeus’ magazine.
David Irimescu’s musical experience began almost for fun when, at nine, he began following lectures by Marieta Gavrailova at the Artemus Music Association of Turin, city where he attended also his higher studies in the Musical High School “Cavour”, graduating in 2018 with top marks.
David Irimescu has won 26 awards in national and international competitions and music festivals. Praised for his early musical maturity and sound care, David Irimescu has attended masterclasses and lessons held by internationally renowned musicians, including Entremont, Achucarro, Béroff, Beatrice Rana, Madzar, Delle Vigne-Fabbri, Scalafiotti, Voghera, Plano, Susan Shu-Chen Lin, Chin Chuan Chang, Chi Wu, Bidini, Christa Butzberger
Already guest of important concert companies, has performed in Europe, receiving always excellent public as well as critical acclaim. Also active in the chamber music field, he has played in various formations with piano, strings and winds, as well as taking part into the Italian National Musical High School Orchestra as soloist. In 2018 he also inaugurated the Turin Conservatory musical season performing Tchaikovsky’s Concerto n. 1.
Appointed by the “Cavour” Music High School, he dedicated himself to a didactic project featuring a complementary piano course, having the purpose of preparing the students for the Conservatory entrance exam. In 2018, he has to stop his musical activities, and starts studying in detail the physiology of body and movements and the interaction between psyche and physical inclinations, first and foremost on himself and hence on students, with the help of disciplines such as Feldenkrais, Psychology, Phenomenology, Mindfulness, Mental Coaching, ” playing being”’s well-being, continues to gather and integrate information, with the objective of spreading the musical verb among all people and preventing students from hurting themselves, facilitating instead their personal expression.
Serving Music, he dedicates himself as musician to create an intersubjectively valid and sincere musical fruition and, as teacher and therapist, to sensibilize people to access more of themselves. Holds Music Listening Guidances to closen farther listeners to emotional and desciptive resources that lie deep down in them. The mission is to reset the coincidence between music and well-being through awareness.

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