The 3rd level: 3 points in competitions for teaching positions

Absolutely new in the field of music education in Italy, our Post-graduate specialist courses in music performance offer two years of training in solo piano, solo contemporary piano, violin and cello. The  2019/21 course is in progress. Registration is now open for 2021/2023 course (Applications can be sent until 21st May 2021).   Students who complete the Specialist courses will be awarded a qualification recognised by the MIUR (Ministry for Education, Universities and Research) as equivalent to that awarded by other schools offering Specialist degrees, Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Musicali Strumentali. To be eligible to apply for the course candidates must possess a second level degree in music from a university-level school of music (Conservatoires and ex IMPs), or from an institute of higher education authorised to award certificates of Advanced Studies in Art, Music and Dance (as per Italian law ex art. 11 DPR 8 July 2005, no.212), or certification or a qualification from another country which is legally recognised as equivalent.  




The 3rd level postgraduate degree conferred by the  Accademia di Musica on completion of our Postgraduate Specialist Course in Musical Performance is officially recognised by the MIUR (Ministry of Education and Research) as having a value of 3 points in any public competition for a teaching position in a higher education institute of music and dance performance.  

Così come disposto dal decreto ministeriale 1° giugno 2017, n 374, la cui tabella A al punto D6 riconosce un punteggio per i 'diplomi di specializzazione universitaria', anche la nota MIUR 9 giugno 2011, prot. 3154, riconosce, al punto 2 dei titoli artistico-culturali e professionali, un punteggio per i diplomi di specializzazione rilasciati da università, a cui è equiparato il titolo rilasciato dalla nostra Accademia. Trattando la nota 3154 di graduatorie d'istituto delle istituzioni AFAM, il punteggio per i diplomi di specializzazione universitaria, cui il nostro titolo è equipollente, è pari a Punti 3.



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