Musica d'Estate summer course Piano
Course with several teachers
Musica d'Estate summer course
Study pathway

For every course in the programme, students are entitled to 3 lessons.

All students, on consultation with their teacher, will have the opportunity to perform in the daily concerts organised during the course.

Participation in the public concerts organised during the course is compulsory for students selected by their teachers to perform.

Roberto Plano: 14 – 16 July SOLD OUT
Benedetto Lupo: 22 – 26 July
Tatiana Zelikman: 21 – 23 July (on line)
Claudio Voghera : 17 – 21 July
Enrico Pace: 16 – 20 July SOLD OUT
Filippo Gamba: 14 – 16 July SOLD OUT
Daniela Carapelli: 21 – 24 July
Roberto Prosseda: 27 – 30 July SOLD OUT
Gabriele Carcano: 19 – 22 July SOLD OUT
Giovanni Doria Miglietta: 14 – 18 July
Giacomo Fuga: 21 – 24 July
Pietro De Maria: 21 – 23 July SOLD OUT
Laura Richaud: 24 – 26 July


We’ll open a waiting list for sold out courses.

Applying for admission

Applications must reach our offices by 14 June 2021.


ATTENTION: Students applying to join the course held by Benedetto Lupo must also send the link to an audio or video file uploaded on Youtube. With the same requirements, the date of submission of the application is considered for choosing the students.


The Accademia di Musica reserves the right to accept applications that reach our office after the closing date indicated above.

For any further information you may need don’t hesitate to contact us directly by


Read more about the COVID GUARANTEE and the Musica d’Estate summer camp experience in the words of our students.  INFO >> 

Entrance exam

Where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available in the single courses, the organisers may hold an entrance exam, which will take place on the first day of the course. Slight modifications may be made to the dates of the courses, depending on the number of students enrolled.

Course fees



Enrolment fee:

€ 95.00  advance payment* (this fee will not be refunded, except in the case of non-admission to Benedetto Lupo’s course)


Tuition fee:

€ 280.00


Tuition fees must be paid on arrival in Bardonecchia, before the course begins, preferably in cash.




€ 150.00 – advance payment*


All fees are inclusive of 22% VAT.


* Payments must be effected by bank transfer to the account c/c IBAN IT89U0200830755000003230488, SWIFT (BIC) UNCRITM1DI4 (Bank UNICREDIT –Pinerolo Porporato branch – account in the name of ‘Accademia di Musica’).


IMPORTANT: the name of the student enrolling must appear in the box citing the purpose of the bank transfer.

Connections with Bardonecchia

Caselle Turin airport (a km. 90):
Aeroporto di Torino








Highway A32 (Torino – Bardonecchia – Frejus):


Comune di Bardonecchia

Roberto Plano
Benedetto Lupo
Tatiana Zelikman
Claudio Voghera
Enrico Pace
Daniela Carapelli
Roberto Prosseda
Gabriele Carcano
Giovanni Doria Miglietta
Filippo Gamba
Giacomo Fuga
Pietro De Maria
Laura Richaud
Musica d'Estate summer course
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