Advanced course Violin
Lukas Hagen
Advanced course
Study pathway

The course is intended to help students extend their knowledge of the repertoire of their instrument, thus giving them a solid basis on which to build a professional career, as teachers or performers.



The annual study pathway includes the study of repertoire for:

  • solo performance
  • chamber music
  • orchestra performance



Students have the right to two lessons per month with their teacher and the collaborative pianist Giorgia Delorenzi. The teacher and the student will together decide on the repertoire for the course, the student’s participation in competitions and concerts, and the scheduling of their Accademia exams.


To apply for admission candidates must be no older than 30, in possession of a Conservatorio Diploma (old system), a Level 1 or Level 2 degree or equivalent qualification from a country other than Italy. The commission reserves the right to accept any student who shows exceptional talent, even though they do not meet the above-mentioned requirements.

Applying for admission

Applications must reach our offices by 31 May 2019.

Entrance exam

Entrance exams will be held on 11 June 2019.


Candidates who apply for admission are responsible for keeping themselves informed about the time of the auditions, which will be held at the Accademia in Pinerolo.


The entrance exam programme includes:


  • Movement from Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin by J. S. Bach
  • First movement of a sonata by W. A. Mozart or L. van Beethoven
  • First movement of a concerto for violin and orchestra from the Romantic period




  • Movement from Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin by J. S. Bach
  • First movement of a sonata by a Romantic composer
  • First movement of a concerto for violin and orchestra from the Classical period


On the enrolment form students must give the names of at least two teachers in order of preference.


At the end of the course (minimum 2 years) each student will take an exam to assess whether they can be awarded a Diploma or Master’s Diploma. Students who achieve a Master’s Diploma are then eligible to apply for a scholarship for the following academic year.

Course fees

Enrolment fee:

€ 95.00


Tuition fees:

€ 1,550.00


For students concurrently enrolled in the course of orchestra training at the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo, enrolment is free and there is a discount of € 100.00 on the annual tuition fees.

Lukas Hagen
Advanced course
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