Marta Cirio

Born in 2002, Marta Cirio started playing piano at the age of 5, under the direction of Maestro Anna Lisa Bio and with her she kept studying at the Istituto Musicale Lodovico Rocca, in Alba.

In 2014 she attended the exam of Teoria e Solfeggio and in 2015 the Certificazione B at the Conservatorio G. Verdi in Turin.

When she was 13 years old she started the Conservatory with Maestro Marina Scalafiotti, and at the same time the high school Liceo Classico Valsalice.

She played many times for Alba Music Festival, Musica Giovane di Castellamonte Festival and for other events in Conservatorio.

She attended the Masterclasses in Bardonecchia, Brescia, Cortemilia and in Conservatorio with Maestri Madzar, Butzberger, Plano, Bèroff and in Vicenza with Maestri Righini and Zadra.

She won a lot of prizes at competitions such as the one in Neive, Moncalieri, Cortemilia, Alassio, Castellamonte, Sestri Levante, Agliè, Caraglio, Castiglion Falletto…

She played in musical reviews, organized by the Conservatorio, like Piano City Napoli.

On June 30th she graduated at the Conservatorio in Turin, with highest marks, honors and mention and she will attend the Biennio Accademico.


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