Trio Debussy

Piergiorgio Rosso, violin
Francesca Gosio, cello
Antonio Valentino, piano
Playing together since 1989


It sometimes seems inevitable that, due to professional or life choices, chamber music ensembles break up after a few seasons. But this has certainly not been true for the Trio Debussy, who have been performing together continuously for twenty-eight years. In fact, in the world of Italian chamber music, they are the longest-lived trio and are also one of the very few “full time” trios. Acclaimed by critics as embodying the great interpretations of past eras, both in spirit and in execution, the members of the trio are completely dedicated to performing in the ensemble, constantly researching repertoire to add to their already vast range of music written for trio. Their repertoire includes close to 200 pieces, from Haydn to contemporary compositions, 30 of which have been written expressly to be performed by this trio, as well as many pieces played with other musicians added to the ensemble.

Winning the prestigious “Premio Trio di Trieste” award in 1997 was the first milestone in a long and outstanding concert career, during which they have performed for the most important concert associations in Italy and internationally: these include Amici della Musica Firenze, Unione Musicale Torino, Società del quartetto di Milano, Mito – Settembre Musica, Amici della Musica Palermo, Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein (Beethoven triple Concerto), Santa Cecilia Hall in the new Auditorium in Roma (accompanied by the Santa Cecilia Orchestra, conducted by J.Tate, in the triple Concerto for trio and orchestra by G.F.Ghedini), Coliseum in Buenos Aires, Scarlatti in Naples, Associazione Chigiana in Siena, Societad Filarmonica de Valencia, Palazzo del Quirinale in Roma (live broadcast), as well as many others.

In 2003 the trio founded the “Tra Futuro & Passato” Festival, with the aim of encouraging the composition of new music for piano trio. Working with the Unione Musicale for over twenty years, they have helped to develop many interesting projects. Since 2010/2011 Trio Debussy have been mentors at the Atelier Giovani project, and, together with the young musicians involved in the project, have performed the entire repertoire for chamber music by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms. In the 2012/2013 season they began working on a project exploring the chamber music of France between the 19th and 20th centuries, rediscovering forgotten compositions. These years have also seen them experimenting with contaminations and collaborations with artists from other genres of music. One of these experiences resulted in the release of a CD where they perform with the Gypsy Jazz group “Manomanuches”. They are currently working on a project to perform instrumental pieces by the great Italian singer/songwriter Paolo Conte, together with three musicians from his band. The last CD released by the trio contained two of the greatest masterpieces in the repertoire for piano trio: Schubert op.100 (complete) and Ravel’s trio. In 2015 Trio Debussy were featured on the Sky classical music programme “Contrappunti”.

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