Soraya Granata

Soraya Granata, born in Rivoli on 17/11/2002, approached music at the age of three at the Civic School of Music “Centro per la Ricerca e per la Didattica Musicale” in Piossasco. She began studying violin at the same civic school led by teacher Cristina Romagnolo, with whom she prepared in 2013 for admission to the pre-academic years at the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi ” in Turin.
After passing the entrance exam to the pre-academic, he obtained all the certificates of violin followed by M. Umberto Fantini, with which he is continuing his studies, now enrolled in the third academic year of violin of the three-year period. In June 2015 he obtained a license in theory and solfeggio and in 2016 he obtained the complementary piano license. He has participated in the productions of the Orchestra of the Small Strings directed by M. M. Chiappero with some collaborations of the dear M. Ezio Bosso. From 2010 to 2012 he participated as a chorister of the “Children’s Choir” of the “Corelli ” Institute of Pinerolo at events in the Pinerolo area. At the age of seven he began studying piano at the Associazione Musicale “Nuova Musica più” of Ornella Bori. At the CDMI he obtained in the years 2012-2013 and 2014 certificates of completion of the courses of piano and modern singing. He has been part of several orchestras present in Piedmont such as “Sinfonietta” directed by M. Barbara Sartorio and “Archeia Orchestra ”. He participated, as violinist, in the Opera “Arca di Noè” at the Teatro Regio in Turin, under the direction of M. Carlo Bertola, on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the composer Benjamin Britten, in the season 2013/2014. As a violinist, he participated in the Henze Opera “Pollicino ” at the Teatro Regio in Turin, under the direction of M. Claudio Fenoglio in five productions in the 2015/2016 vintage. Currently part of the Turin Conservatory Orchestra conducted by M. Giuseppe Ratti.
Several participations as violinist at the Music Festival such as the “Youth Festival of
Classical Music” of Biella edition 2015, under the direction of M. Enrico Groppo, from which she was directed in many participations of baroque music; the “Perosi Festival” in Tortona in the years 2017 and 2018, with the Orchestra of Conservatory of Turin , conducted by M. Giuseppe Ratti; “Festival Gente di Lago e di Fiume”, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, 2018 and 2019 edition, under the direction of M. Barbara Sartorio; “International Music Festival in Assisi” 2019 edition, Festival “Back to Bach” at the Palais Garnier in Bordighera, 2019 edition, under the direction of M. Cristina Romagnolo and Cora Raduano, and “Arona Music Festival” July 2020 edition.
In 2017 he participated as violinist in the program of “Music and Theatre” in the cemeteries of the city of Turin for the Commemoration of the Dead by the Musical Union. In 2018 he participated as violinist in the concert “Natale con Yoyo”, production for “Rai Yoyo” at the Auditorium Rai “Arturo Toscanini” in Turin, with the participation of Lorenzo Branchetti of Melevisione. In 2019 he participated in the concert “Cantano come gli Angeli”, as concertino of the first violins of the baroque orchestra under the direction of M. B. Bergamini. From 2015 to 2019 he participated as violinist at the concerts of “Mito Settembre Musica” as a student of the Turin Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” Orchestra and as violinist of the “Sinfonietta” Orchestra of Turin. In these years he participated in the Mozartiana Marathon as violinist at the Baretti Theatre and other locations in Turin. He played on the occasion of the Republic Day, in the presence of regional councillors, under the direction of M. Giuseppe Ratti at the Conservatory Hall.
From 2019 she joined the Orchestra of the “Monferrato Classic Orchestra” of Sabrina Lanzi.
In the summer of 2019 she worked as a teacher and animator in the Civic School of Music “Centro per la Ricerca e Didattica Musicale” of Piossasco, entertaining musical summer courses for children and young people of school age.
At the same time, he studied at the Liceo Classico of Vittorio Alfieri in Turin, where in 2021 he obtained the diploma of classical maturity.
He studied at the Conservatory “Giuseppe Verdi” in Turin with Masters U. Fantini,
A. Galoppini, M. Chiappero, G. Fassino, C. Mantovani, G. Pugliaro, P. Tarallo, M. Zigante, C. Ravetto, E. De Angelis, G. Ratti, M. Spina, M. Bouvet and S. Leoni, M. Lamberto, J. Francini, M. Nurchis, M.Bufalini, A. Galliano and F. Pennarola, current director of the Conservatory.
He participated as violinist at the concerts of Mito Settembre and Musica, both in Milan and in Turin in September 2021, conducted by M. Nicolò Jacopo Suppa and in 2022, in
collaboration with Elio delle Storie Tese, conducted by M. Andreas Gies.
In the summer of 2022 he played for “Tovision” in Turin accompanying the winning singers of the Piedmontese schools.
In November 2022 he played at the “Concerto di Santa Cecilia” with the orchestra of the
Turin Conservatory of which he is part.
In the summer of 2023 he played for the “Maratona Mozartiana” of Turin at the Cineteatro Baretti of the city.
He played for the New Year’s concert 2023 with the Orchestra Sinfonica di Bordighera of which he is part conducted by Maestro Massimo Dal Pra at the Palazzo del Parco in
On 22 March 2023 he obtained a bachelor’s degree in violin at the conservatory  Giuseppe Verdi” in Turin under the guidance of Maestro Umberto Fantini and Marta Tortia. In April 2023 he participated, as violinist, in the television program “StraMorgan” directed by Morgan and Pino Strabioli, broadcast on Rai 2 from 1 to 4 April 2023, at the Rai studios in Turin, conducted by Maestro Angelo Valori, with the great guests Tony Hadley, Dolcenera, Giovanni Caccamo, Vinicio Capossela e Chiara Galiazzo.
In the same month he played with the Orchestra of the State Conservatory of Music
“Giuseppe Verdi” of Turin for the “Torino Jazz Festival” at the Officine Grandi Riparazioni, OGR of Turin in a Concert for Laura Betti, “Potentissima Signora”, conducted by Maestro Cristiano Arcelli, Professor of Jazz composition at the Conservatory of Padua, in collaboration with the singer Cristina Zavalloni.
In May 2023 he played with the Krystal Kuartet, Electric String Quartet born in Bologna at an important event of Expo Torre a Torre San Giorgio (CN) at Expotorre.
In June 2023 he played, with the participation of professors of the Orchestra of the Teatro Regio and the Orchestra Sinfonica della RAI, in an extraordinary concert in collaboration with Libera, Association for a society free from mafias, with the interventions of the magistrate G. Caselli and the daughter of Bruno Caccia, 40 years after his death.
In September 2023 he participated again in the seventeenth edition of Mito Settembre e
Musica nelle città di Torino e Milano directed by M. Riccardo Bisatti.
In December 2023 he played for the Christmas Gala, on the occasion of an international
sporting event in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, with the chamber formation
“Magister Harmoniae Ensemble” together with experienced violinists including Elena
Gallafrio and Alessia Bortolan.
He is currently attending the second year of the two-year violin at the Conservatory of Turin “Giuseppe Verdi” under the guidance of the great M. Guido Rimonda and the Masters A. Piovano, M. Lacchè and Francesca Gosio, teacher of chamber music at the Conservatory.
At the same time Soraya is enrolled in the last year of the Triennial of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Turin.
He also worked for three years as a teacher of violin and theory and solfeggio at the school of music of Bruino “New Music Plus” and for two years at the civic school of music of Beinasco ACMB.

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