Roberto Ficili

Roberto Ficili was born in Milan on September 3rd, 1994. He achieved a
scientific high school degree in 2013 and then a Energy Engineering in 2020.
He obtained a violin degree in 2014 at Conservatory of Verona, under the
guide of Luca Difato and Lucina Invernizzi.
I love great symphonic programmes and baroque and modern music. Since
the very beginning of my musical studies I played in my music school orchestra
(music association “Guido d’Arezzo” orchestra) and therefore I am very used
to work in team, as in large compounds as in small chamber formations. After
getting my degree I began to know Italian music world; in the past 6 years I
have been working in renowned Italian foundations as Sperimental Opera
House “A. Belli” of Spoleto and Symphonic Orchestra of Milan “laVerdi” and
Academy of Teatro alla Scala, performing in many prominent music halls. In
2018 I won the position of Principal 2nd Violin at Italian Youth Orchestra and
decided to improve my leading skills and repertoire.

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