Marco Federico Maria Drufuca

Marco Federico Maria Drufuca attended his first piano lessons at Accademia  Ambrosiana in Milan when he was 7 years old. He then joined the Municipal Music School “Claudio Abbado”, attending the classes of M° Paolo Gilardi. Meanwhile, he had lessons with teachers such as M° Roberto Prosseda, M° Boris Bekhterev, M° Clive Britton, M° Carlo Balzaretti, M° Igor Roma, M° André Gallo and M° Enrico Pace

He won several first prizes in a wide range of competitions, which took place in Aqui Terme; Val Tidone; Giussano; Cortemilia; Bellano; Massa; Garda; Treviso, Piadena Drizzona  and many more.

He took part in various concert seasons and festivals, such as “Brera-musica”, “Casa Boschi di Stefano”, “Isole di suono”, “Macugnaga Piano trail” and Piano City. He also had solo recitals at the “Teatro alla Scala” museum and at the “Rosetum” cultural center in Milan

At the same time, Marco enjoys playing chamber music. In 2020 he co-founded Quartetto Hayez, with which he studied firstly at the Municipal Music School “Claudio Abbado” with Silva Costanzo and Carlo Feige, and later at the Fiesole Music School with the Gaspard Piano Trio, Bruno Canino and Alexander Lonquich. Moreover, they attendend Marco Zuccarini’s chamber music masterclasses at the Imola “Incontri con il Maestro” academy. Quartetto Hayez played at “Cantieri Musicali” in Conzano, “Adotta un talento” in Brugherio, “Isole di suono” in Milan and “Concerti d’Autunno” in Latina. In 2022, Quartetto Hayez was the only italian finalist group at “UNESCO awards” competition in Palmanova, where it was awarded with the first prize.

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