Lorenzo Ritacco

Born in 2001 , Lorenzo Ritacco is an italian pianist and composer, graduated with Honorable mention, known as a performer of american music and niche repertoire. He writes polytonal and neo-atonal pieces, songs, electroacoustic music, improvisations, hybrid pieces and conceptual art exercises. Awarded among the Giovani di Pregio (Prestigious Youth, 2018) of Udine, he played in Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia.
As a chamber musician he’s part of the piano duo En Blanc Et Noir (2017-) with Matteo Di Bella, playing folk and classical pieces, world premieres by local composers, and creating original projects (Gustav Holst’s The Planets for two pianos, with interacting video by multimedia artist Andrew Quinn, graphic designer in The Matrix, Tomb Raider, Venice Biennale, etc.). He also performs pop music and live effects with the keyboards duo Piano Plugged (2022-) with Matteo Bevilacqua, arranging soundtracks (Avatar, Minecraft, Interstellar, etc.) and songs.
As a composer he has published, in addition to numerous improvisations, the album METAFISICA (keyboards, percussion, baritone and bass). He wrote La Mecca (rock ballad for M° Stefano Sciascia, piano and double bass), Variations on the bird (variations for M° Luca Trabucco, piano solo), and many more compositions.

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