Cecilia Adele Bonato

Cecilia Adele Bonato was born in 1999 and started playing at the age of 5, graduating brightly in viola at 17 with D. Zaltron at the Conservatory “A. Pedrollo” in Vicenza. Her musical experience goes from soloism to orchestras. She played as soloist the Viola Concerto in G major by G. Ph. Telemann with the youth mexican orchestra “Serenissima Tepozteca” and in premiere the piece for viola and small orchestra “Aylan” by G. Bonato.

In the orchestral field she has been conducted by important musicians such as D. Gatti, A. Lonquich, D. Renzetti, G. Noseda, J. Axelrod, F. Mildenberger, O. Lyniv, A. De La Parra, G.Goldstein and R. Muti, stepping onto the most prestigious stages in Italy and Switzerland (Teatro del Maggio musicale fiorentino in Florence, Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, Teatro lirico in Cagliari, Auditorium di Milano, LAC in Lugano), accompaning several world famous soloists such as A. Allegrini, L. and A. Jussen, B. Belkin, L. Piovano, F. Manara, N. Altstaedt and F. Klieser. Selected by the Youth Italian Orchestra, she played in tourné in Italy in the important musical festival “Ravello Festival”, “Festival dei 2 mondi”, “Festival del Trentino-Alto Adige”. She is a member of the Orchestra del Teatro Olimpico and collaborates with the Orchestra giovanile “L. Cherubini” conducted by R. Muti, the Orchestra filarmonica del Teatro Regio, the Orchestra “Camerata ducale” and the Orchestra sinfonica di Milano.

In chamber music she was involved in the significant festival EOS when she had the opportunity to play with A. Pinzaru, A. Deljavan and F. Dillon and Festival MITO in string quartet. She is the viola player in the string Trio Poikilia.

She attended actively several masterclass kept also by D. Waskievicz, T. Lea, U. Knoerzer, L. Ranieri, S. Briatore, U. Ulijona. She graduated con lode achieving a Master of Arts in Music Performance in Viola under the guidance of the viola teacher Y. Gotlibovich at the Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana in Lugano. She is now attending the “Corso di Perfezionamento in viola” with S. Briatore at the Accademia di musica di Pinerolo (TO) and in duo, the “Corso di perfezionamento di musica da camera con pianoforte” with A. Lonquich, B. Canino, Trio Gaspard and E. Höbarth at the Scuola di musica di Fiesole (FI).

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