Alessandro Campomenosi

I was born in 1995 in Genoa. At the age of thirteen I began studying piano with the Professor Gianluca Angelillo at the Giuseppe Verdi music institute in Asti. I studied at the Vercelli scientific high school in Asti. After the high school I attended the Turin Polytechnic university and studied Aerospace Engineering. I took the entrance exam for the piano Bachelor in 2016. After graduating in aerospace engineering, I studied classical literature. During my university years in Turin I continued studying piano at Cuneo’s Ghedini’s Conservatory with the Professor Francesco Cipolletta. In the academic year 2021-2022 I went on Erasmus in Austria to Feldkirch where I studied with Professor Benjamin Engeli. I completed my Bachelor studies in literature and piano in 2022. For my graduation recital I proposed a program of twentieth-century Russian music (Scriabin, Prokofiev, Shostakovich). I attended masterclasses with
Vera Drenkova, Ingo Dannhorn, Oleg Polyansky and Filippo Gamba.
I am currently studying with the Benjamin Engeli and, at the Pinerolo Academy, with Filippo Gamba. In 2013 I won the second prize in the final of the international piano competition organized by the Lions club in Sanremo.
After many years in which I attended at the same time the conservatory and other universities, I have finally decided to devote myself exclusively to music. I give absolute importance to the
program proposed in concert. I think that a recital must be organic, combining several aspects of the piano art, from the technique to the history of the instrument, presenting a continuous reference between the pieces that compose it and a living dialogue for the entire performance.

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