11.000 Saiten al Bolzano Festival Bozen
Mahler Academy Orchestra
50 pianos with 12 students at Accademia di Musica
- Daniele Fasani 
- Michele Guerrieri
- David Mancini 
- Melania Bertolo
Simone Librale
- Beatrice Mariella Macchia
- Francesco Fiore
- Sonia Candellone
- Sara Moro
- Lucija Majstorovic - ex allieva
- Nemanja Egerić - ex allievo
- Mattia Cicciarella - ex allievo
Georg Friedrich Haas - compositore

The Accademia di Musica is honored to announce that 12 piano students in postgraduate and advanced courses will perform in the world premiere of 11.000 Saiten at Fiera Bolzano (Exhibition Center). In this new composition, commissioned by the Ferruccio Busoni – Gustav Mahler Foundation and funded by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, Georg Friedrich Haas sets out to explore a microtonal space for 50 pianists on as many wall pianos and an equally large ensemble. The world premiere in Bolzano will be performed by pianists from numerous conservatories and universities, coordinated by the C. Monteverdi Conservatory Bolzano, together with the Mahler Academy Orchestra. The Busoni-Mahler Foundation is honored to announce that the composer will attend the premier, following which the new work will be performed by acclaimed Klangforum Wien in various concert halls all over Europe.

Fiera di Bolzano
1 agosto 2023 | 19:00
1 agosto 2023 | 21:00
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