Carlo Marchione

During my concert career, which brought to play at the most important and prestigious festivals in different continents, I developed an immense passion for teaching.

I started to teach immediately after my diploma-exam at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Roma in 1983 and since then I never stopped to do it anymore. In fact, besides loving it, I am totally convinced that this is an absolutely necessary step for the development into a more complete person and musician.

During my teacher-activity I have been teaching kids and major people in many music schools of different countries, which thought to me the gift to be patience and to explain concepts, sometimes even very difficult ones, in a plain and comprehensible way.

But I also have been teaching absolute top players, which taught to me the difficult skill, comparable with the skill of Federer’s trainer, to teach to play better to somebody who plays better than yourself…

If you will have the courtesy to scroll the short list below you will immediately understand what I mean. I had namely the honor to work together with amazing artists such Duo Melis, Marcin Dylla, Goran Krivocapic, Irina Koulikova, Vladimir Gorbach, Florian Larousse (among many others), I think we both learned a lot from each other and I will be eternally thankful to them for having trusted me, as a person and as a teacher as well.

Since 1997 I am teaching at Music Conservatories. First in Leipzig, where I received from the Dean and the Council of the Institute (during a simple but moving ceremony) the title of Honorary Professor for educational merits.

In the same time, I was also teaching at the Music Academy Ino Mirkovic in Lovran (Croatia). This school was a branch of the prestigious Moscow´s Conservatory P.I.Tchaikowsky. Here, besides teaching wonderful players like Adriano Del Sal, I also had the possibility to meet outstanding personalities of the music, like Ivo Pogorelich. With many of them I had the honor and pleasure to talk over music (and international kitchen), which enriched me enormously as a musician and as a person (and also as a chef).

In 2002 than I received the professorship at the Conservatory of Music in Maastricht (Netherland) and at the moment, I am Professor at 5 different prestigious music Academies, including Maastricht: the Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo (Italy), the ESMD (École supérieur de Music et Danse) in Lille (France), the International Music Academy in Roma (Italy) and the Conservatori Superior in Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

In these academies I bring forward my educational project, the aim of which is to produce students who will not play the same piece all in the same way (or even worst: like I play it), on the contrary, my goal is to give to them the instrumental and cognitive skills to find their own way to study and play a piece, any piece of any musical period.

Besides this, I try – when necessary – to convince them that musical-playing has nothing to do with eccentricity, which is one of the worse plagues of nowadays music world.

The fact that in these last year’s students of my classes have achieved to bring home more than 80 prizes from top Competitions around the world (among them we can proudly point out over 50 1st prizes), that until now students from not less than over 30 countries decided to come to work together and, finally, that many students are nowadays themselves teachers at Conservatories around the world and colleagues at the most prestigious Guitar Festivals, shows unequivocally the quality of our job. I write our job because without the patience, trust and talent of my students this would never have been possible.

In consideration of all this, in 2017 I was awarded with one of the most prestigious didactic prices worldwide, the Chitarra d’Oro. 

Besides these activities I am also an enthusiastic online teacher, having found with my fiancée the Marchione Online Academy, teaching here top students from all the world.

I am also very active as publisher, having my own online publishing company, where it is released monthly a new transcription.

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