Pre-academic course Violin
Adrian Pinzaru
Pre-academic course
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The course will enable students to make progress in technique and in study of repertoire for their instrument and will prepare them for the exams for certificates A, B and C. Thanks to the special agreement between the Accademia and the Conservatorio Statale di Musica “G. Verdi” in Turin, the student’s AdiM teacher will be present as a member of the examining panel at these exams, which are held at the conservatory.


The student is entitled to three lessons per month, for eight months, from October to May.


A collaborative pianist will be present at the lessons in order to assist the teacher in exemplifying certain aspects of repertoire.

Applying for admission

Applications for the Academic Year 2020/2021 must reach our offices by 15 June 2020.

Entrance exam

However, in compliance with new government regulations to combat the spread of Covid-19, major changes have been made in the procedures for enrolment for the 2020/21 academic year. For the safety of students and to avoid group gatherings, the entrance exams will not be held at the Accademia. Candidates will be required to send a video of themselves performing the exam programme. Deadline for sending video material: 15 June. Given the unprecedented nature of the crisis and the difficulties in travelling, for string instruments the performance video programme will consist of pieces for solo strings (solo violin, solo viola, solo cello), 15 minutes in duration. Candidates should include pieces of at least two different styles/periods.A commission formed by the Accademia Director and Teachers will review the videos received and will then decide which candidates will be admitted to the school for the 2020/21 academic year. The results of the entrance exams will be comunicated to candidates from 30 June.


In each class we will reserve a certain number of places for students resident abroad who intend to apply for Accademia courses. This is to give them the time to wait for decisions to be made by the various governments on the reopening of national borders and thus to understand when it will be possible for them to travel to Italy to attend lessons. For these students the deadline for sending their application for admission and performance video will be 15 September.


Course fees

Enrolment fee:
€ 95.00

Tuition fee:
€ 1,800.00


Payments of enrolment and tuition fees must be made by bank transfer on the following bank account details:



IBAN: IT71X0306909606100000101696



Adrian Pinzaru
Pre-academic course
A career in music
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