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Il percorso formativo professionalizzante  Professione Orchestra nato dalla partnership tra l’Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI e l’Accademia di Musica di Pinerolo, si articola in due parti:

The advanced music course Orchestra Professionals is the result of a partnership between the National Symphony Orchestra of the RAI national broadcasting network and the Accademia di Musica of Pinerolo.

Course Structure: the course consists of two parts.

Part 1.

Workshops will be held between 23 September and 5 October 2019 and will each occupy one of the two weeks: 23 September – 28 September; 30 September – 5 October. Candidates may indicate a preference for one of the workshops, but the final assignment to a group will be decided by the Artistic Committee and will be communicated to candidates no later than 29/07/2019. Dates of the workshops may be subject to variation but will remain within the two weeks indicated.


Part 2.

Between October 2019 and June 2020: dates will decided on the basis of the programme for the concert season of the RAI Symphony Orchestra, and the Accademia’s activities.


To apply for admission to this project candidates must be no older than 30 on 23/09/2019, in possession of the following qualifications: a) a Conservatorio Diploma (old system); b) a Level 1 degree; current enrolment in a Level 2 two-year degree course; c) a Level 2 degree; d) equivalent qualifications issued by a music school in a country other than Italy. The commission reserves the right to accept any student who shows exceptional talent, even though they do not meet the above-mentioned requirements. Persons who have auditioned for and have been accepted into an orchestra with a permanent position will NOT be admitted to the project.

Applying for admission

Applications must reach our offices by 23/07/2019.

Your application must include the following (more detailed information can be found in the Regulations, which can be downloaded):

  1. Application form
  2. Data treatment and protection consent form: completed and signed
  3. Authorisation form for the publication of photos and videos: completed and signed
  4. Copy of an ID document
  5. Proof of payment of the application fee of 80.00 euros
  6. Audio video link on You Tube of a performance (10 mins)
  7. A concise CV of your studies
Entrance exam

The list of candidates admitted to the workshops will be posted by 29/07/2019 (max 48 students per workshop). A waiting list will also be established to replace any accepted candidate who withdraws from the project.

Course fees

Application fee for selection in the workshops: 80.00 euros (non refundable).

Fee for the 6 days of workshops: 350.00 euros.


Board and lodging at the expense of participants, with, however, the possibility of discounted accommodation options and use of the RAI staff canteen.


By and no later than 1/08/2019 candidates accepted must effect payment of the first installment of the tuition fee, 175.00 euros (failure to do so will result in exclusion from the workshops). The second installment must be paid by 6/09/2019. Payment by bank transfer to the bank account in the name of Accademia di Musica, Banca Prossima – filiale 5000 – IBAN IT71X0306909606100000101696 – BIC: BCITITMM.

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Orchestra Professionals
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